Legal Agreement: Terms of Service

Procedure: • Grow Hays has the ultimate authority over reserving and use of the BriefSpace Conference and Training Room(s). • Reservations can be made by booking online directly via the Proximity software, or by contacting the Grow Hays staff. • Reserving the room(s) should take place as soon as possible. • If there are conflicts at the time of booking that cannot be resolved, Grow Hays and/or employees will have higher priority of the room(s) use. • When the room(s) are in use, whether by Grow Hays or a BriefSpace member, the party responsible for the reservation/use will be required to clean up and secure the building after its use. This is particularly necessary when using the building after hours or on weekends. • After meeting use, tables and chairs must be wiped down and put back in place, trash emptied, floor cleaned as necessary, and all items put back. A cleaning fee may be assessed if not compliant.

Closing up the Building • Make sure all lights are turned off • Make sure that the speakers up front are turned off • Make sure that the back door is locked • Make sure that the front door locks once you exit.

***If you feel unsafe, call 625-1011 and this will get you the dispatch center. Let them know the situation and ask them for the PD to do a walk through.